Unfortunately due to a technical hitch (we think due to mobile phones interfering with the wireless connection) we would like to share our opening speech presented by Dylan, Evan and Kieran our Y6 school council representatives:

The Grand Opening of our Outdoor Classroom

We would like to welcome you to the grand opening of our new outdoor classroom. We hope that you have had chance to have a cup of tea and enjoy so homemade cake.

We would like to thank you all for coming along today to celebrate this exciting event in our school lives.

After continually watching the weather (I think all adults have been glued to their BBC weather app on their phone this week) we are so happy that the sun is shining on us, the rain has held for the day and that we are not all standing huddling under umbrellas, wearing muddy wellies and bright yellow raincoats!!

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Parents and Friends Association who have supported us throughout the year raising money for our school. The funds that they have raised have enabled this remarkable area of the school to be developed for us. We are extremely grateful for all of their hard work and dedication towards the school. How lucky we are!!

We would like to thank all of you personally, as it is you who have made this possible. We are so fortunate here at Meir Heath as our school family are great! You turn up to all events come rain or shine, give your time freely and make such kind contributions. Even the chocolates and bottles donated today will help to raise money towards the school which ultimately enables things like this to happen.

A huge, huge thank you needs to be said to Mr and Mrs Dawson and their wonderful colleagues at Croppers ground maintenance. They have constructed this astonishing area within our school grounds. If you would have seen the overgrown area that was here only a month ago to what they have achieved now, then you would have never had thought it was possible!! Thank you for being on team Meir Heath.

Thank you to Mrs Snape, Mrs Baxter, Mrs Bridgeman and Mrs Bate (our top bakers) who have organised and baked such delicious cakes. They spend so much time planning and preparing quietly in the background so that all the events run ticatyboo! And To Mrs Harper (our chief photographer) who has, throughout the build, taken action shots so that we have a school record of the construction in progress. They are true superstars.

We are really excited and looking forward to cutting the ribbon so that the learning can begin.

We, the Y6 school council, declare that Meir Heath Academy’s outdoor learning environment is now officially open and free to use.

Thank you to all who came along for the afternoon tea this afternoon – a fantastic turn out by our Meir Heath family!!