Our children and staff, led by our new ‘Groove Coordinator’ Mr Wilkinson’ boogied into assembly this morning to celebrate the achievements of the week. Mrs Podmore and Mrs Lowe led us through the awards ceremony with this week’s theme being linked to the new school year/ new football season – what fun we had!! We had cheer leaders with pom poms and even a red carpet for the children with awards to walk down!

Children were nominated by their class teacher for a Principal’s Award (one per class plus a number of nominations from Mr Wilkinson). They were invited to walk down the red carpet whilst the whole of their Meir Heath family cheered them on. Once they received their award they were formally invited to join Mrs Southern for a Principal’s Picnic This took place at the end of the school day. They enjoyed  warm milk and a chocolate block on a stick in the new outdoor classroom. Yum!!

This week the Principal’s award were presented to: Carter Archer, Millie Anderson, Tyler Jay, Zach Hopwood, Corey Evans, Sophie Hodgkinson, Ryan Varey, Seth Hibell, Ellie Pugh, Skye Kelsall, Reece Massey, Harry Lewis, Isla Bond, Daisy Frost, Eve Guy, Grace Bridgett, Jayden Haines and Sam Hubbard. Well done!!

Class attendance awards. This week all classes  had a class average above 96% and were therefore added to the draw. The award this week went to Miss Barker’s class . Judging by the cheer, they were delighted with their biscuit treats!

Each week a teacher spy will look for the class who takes part in the celebration by dancing as they enter the hall, cheering on other classes and individual awards, and being respectful to staff when they are talking to the school during the assembly. The school spy this week was Mrs Southern and she chose Y5T because of their enthusiasm for other children’s achievements.

Staff awards went to Mrs Southern and Mrs Cameron, following on from the assembly theme being New Year, New Season, with Mrs Southern being ‘signed’ as the new manager and Mrs Cameron being ‘signed’ as a new Y1 teacher for Meir Heath. The members of staff were presented with two closed envelopes with treat or forfeit. Mrs Southern picked first and was lucky to choose treat – a box of maltesers and Mrs Cameron  had the other envelope which of course contained the forfeit. This was the challenge  of learning to juggle ready for the assembly next week – we look forward to that!

Judging by the comments from staff and children, our first celebration assembly was definitely deemed as ‘TOP DRAWER’ 🙂 !!