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Meir Heath Academy
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Meir Heath
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Principal: Mrs M Southern

Office Manager: Mrs R Crump
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At Meir Heath Academy, we are committed to providing outstanding PE provision. We employ a specialist fully qualified PE teacher, Mr Wilkinson, who teaches PE to all classes throughout the school.

We aim to provide a broad, balanced and comprehensive programme of physical activities. Our facilities include a Gym, a multipurpose school yard with markings for netball and tennis, a large field, an Orienteering course, a KS1 play area and KS2 outdoor Education Fitness Centre (EFC). Children in Year 4 and 5 have swimming lessons at Blythe Bridge High School.


There are many opportunities to take part in extracurricular sporting activities including cricket, athletics, cross country, football, tag rugby, netball, boxercise, table tennis, Tennis, multi skills and dance. Some of these are provided by our committed teaching staff while others are provided by outside agencies.

Sports Council

We have an active Sports Council and in Year 6, eight children are elected to represent their house team as House Captains and Vice Captains. These children help to organise and run an extensive programme of inter house activities and competitions throughout the year. Year 5 and 6 children are also given the opportunities to develop their leadership skills in Sports and Games, helping out at after school clubs. Playground leaders organise and lead playtime games for Key Stage 1.

Links with Blythe Bridge High School

We have strong links with Blythe Bridge High School PE department. The programme includes inter school competitions in a variety of sports and an additional after school sports club. This allows us to provide opportunities for pupils to take part in sports that we don’t always have the facilities for in school for example volleyball, basketball and trampolining.


We are committed to help celebrate our children’s achievements both in and out of school.  We have weekly trophy awards for our PE proud performers in KS1 and KS2. We have our prestigious end of year Sports Assembly to celebrate all the hard work the children have done throughout the year.  Awards are given for our ‘sports star of the future’ and our overall ‘most enthusiastic performers’ and ‘sports personality of the year’.

We also celebrate the work done in our dance clubs in KS2 with an evening ‘pick and mix’ dance show performance for parents.

Our school achieved the Sainsbury’s Schools Gold Mark and we are striving for the maintain the Gold award in the future.


In Year 6, children are able to take part in a week’s residential. This is a great opportunity for them to develop confidence, teamwork skills and to overcome challenges. Outdoor activities on offer include bridge building, high ropes, kayaking and a day at the Roaches.

Meet Mr Wilkinson

Mr Wilkinson has a passion for sport and his commitment for providing the best opportunities for the children makes him our Meir Heath treasure! He is an experienced PE teacher who has taught in both Primary and Secondary schools as well as being a Sports Coordinator for a cluster of secondary schools. He is also a qualified swimming teacher.


All primary schools receive an additional yearly PE Premium grant from the Government. This extra funding is intended to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport.

School’s aim

Our school’s aim is to use the additional funding to raise the profile of sport at Meir Heath and improve the quality of teaching of PE, as well as engaging our children in high quality sporting activities, both curricular, extra-curricular including competitive sport and in turn providing the children with many different experiences that they may not get to do outside and beyond primary school.

It is our intention to engage pupils in regular physical activity within the guidelines of the Chief medical Officer of 60 minutes per day, of which 30 minutes should be within school.


In the following academic year, the school will hope to achieve:

  • To arrange and liaise regular meetings within the St Bart’s Trust that promote shared practice and facilities with a view to organising events that give children the opportunity to compete across The Trust including sport premium children and KS1.

  • Involvement in Blythe Bridge Cluster (Partners in Excellence) and School Games Competitions
  • Intra school sporting opportunities – To manage and raise the profile of team games to allow for pupils to receive specific coaching to further develop sporting skills to enable teams within KS2 to compete and achieve at sporting events (a requirement of the Gold Award)

  • To continue to provide a range of extra-curricular clubs

  • Investment in sports equipment


The school has made huge strides towards implementing competitions whereby the children from KS1 and KS2 compete against all the other schools in the St Bart’s Trust and the Blythe Bridge Cluster (Partners in Excellence). 12 schools are involved in all of the sports we organise and this provides the children with a lot of opportunities to compete against one another. There are about 7 events in the academic year with them all aimed at a variety of children including SEN, Gifted &Talented.

  1. 6 events provided over the year in 6 different sporting activities for children in KS1 and KS2.
  2. 124 children approximately involved in the activities provided.
  3. An extra-curricular club in cricket provided by staff from Blythe Bridge High School.
  4. Transition opportunities for Y5/Y6 working with Blythe Bridge High School staff and working with children from other local feeder schools.
  5. Children experienced competition against children from other schools.
  6. Children were able to compete at quality venues.
  7. Created links with sporting clubs (for example Longton Rugby Club provided a coaching session before our Y3/4 Tag Rugby tournament and provided opportunities for children to attend the club after the event)

2017-18 Funding Allocation £19,210

This next academic year, the school will hope to achieve:

  • To arrange and liaise regular meetings within the St Bart’s Trust and Blythe Bridge Cluster (Partners in Excellence) that promote shared practice and facilities with a view to organising events that give children the opportunity to compete across The Trust.

  • Share good practice, support from BBHS P.E. department. Devise a programme of inter school activities and competition.  The programme will now include a pre-competitive coaching session in order to prepare the children for competition in the variety of sports that are chosen during PE coordinator meetings.  These will be based on the sports targeted by the Sainsbury’s School Games. All the sports covered will give a larger number of children the opportunity to share and celebrate success.
  • Children to participate in level 2 school games and local cluster events. Children to participate in intra school events in a variety of sports linked to the partners in excellence scheme. Maintain the School Games Gold.
  • Hiring appropriate facilities for intra and inter school competitions and activities

  • Training the present year 6 children in order for them to begin the role during the 2017-2018 academic year.New equipment and resources.Rewards for playground leader excellence.Rewards for children taking part.Raise the profile of competitive sport and sporting success across the school through recognition of success in Celebration Assembly.
  • To audit equipment for sport and P.E. to support the teaching in lesson time and extra-curricular activities so that a number of different sports are on offer
  • Purchase Sports Teams Kits with the New School Logo on Athletics/multi sports tops/ dance squad so that more children are able to compete and for a wider variety of sports.
  • Mr Wilkinson will improve the teaching of sport across the school through:
    • Team teaching
    • Planning support
    • Focused CPD for all staff
    • Whole School Staff Meeting and Inset training
  • Sports Council to take an active role in planning and preparation for activities and tournaments. Regular meetings throughout the year. For the children in both key stages to experience competitive sport competition.  To prepare children in resilience and competitiveness and fair play.
  • To introduce family participation of sport through community keep fit at the beginning of the school day and PE homework challenges.
  • Swimming intervention coordinated by Mr Wilkinson (qualified swimming teacher) so that a greater % of children meet the required swimming standard by the end of Y6.
  • Scooterbility programme will be designed and implemented including the planning of, purchase of scooters, purchase of awards and markings on the playground.
  • The school’s long term aim is to have the EFC fitted with an all weather surface so that the children can access active play the whole year round. Due to the cost of this, this may need to be planned for over the next 2 years and with the help of the PFA.

Year Six Swimming Attainment

92.3% of children can swim confidently over a distance of 25metres

90.3% of children can swim confidently using a range of strokes

92.3% of children can perform safe self rescue in different water based situations

However 2.8% managed to attain 10m and 15m award from being a severe non swimmer.

Mr Wilkinson